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Connecting Employers with Differently-Abled Workers
Now serving the CA University Community

A group of employees gathered around a computer screen, working collaboratively.

A Different Approach to Employment

Premiere Living Services is a temp agency that helps adults with disabilities
that are highly capable find employment in the mainstream workforce.
Our mission is twofold: to help our workers gain real, paid work experience
and provide employers with job-ready, reliable talent.

A group of fists bumping to each other as a sign of unity and solidarity among colleagues.

Talent Solutions for CA Universities

The push for an inclusive work environment has never been more critical.
We connect universities with our unique talent pool to fill entry-level
positions while breaking social barriers. All of our workers have
intellectual disabilities, yet are highly capable and able to work in a
traditional environment. We also provide ongoing job support to help
them develop the skills they need to fit in and prosper.

Creating a Confident Workforce

We provide job readiness coaching to all of our employees, including arriving on time, meeting deadlines,
working independently and with others, and dressing for success.

Our goal in helping each of our employees excel in the work environment opens
up more talent for our university partners.

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