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When a person with an intellectual disability reaches adulthood, everything changes. It’s no longer a matter of caring for them, but rather helping them take control of caring for themselves.

We believe that personal power comes by seeing them for who they are — a valuable, capable, and whole person. This alone is the key to our success ― acknowledging their abilities, seeing them for how they wish to be seen, and treating them accordingly.

For Employers

We help support the university staying compliant with federal funding by meeting the university’s 7% minimum requirement of hiring people with disabilities. Our workers are on our payroll and fill entry-level positions in your offices working alongside your employees. We also provide ongoing job coaching so they can continue to be productive and successful while they represent you.

For Employees

Premiere Living Services provides candidates with disabilities a path into the mainstream workforce. We connect you with employers that care to see your future grow while providing competitive wages and ongoing support. We work with each of our employees to ensure you have the skills necessary to succeed, from interview skills to on-the-job training and development. We’re not just teaching you how to do things, but also why things are the way they are so you can grow professionally and personally and gain the best chance to build the future you desire.

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