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“My time with Premiere Living Services provided the experience and background I needed for my next step.  I enjoyed working with the staff, who were very helpful and involved.  My work was compelling, and I had lots of it.  I got out of Premiere Living Services what I put into it.  I am very appreciative for the two years I did with them, and would highly recommend the program to others.”  Nathan S.

“When I first came to Premiere Living Services I had no real clue to what I wanted to do for a job. Michael Galvan and his team helped me to not only find a good job, but also how to keep it and be the best employee I can be. They always had my back, listened to me when I needed them to, and always had a good laugh up their sleeves. I am where I am now thanks to their help and I am forever grateful.”
Steven A.

“Premiere Living Services is a company that provided me with support and expertise to experience real-world employment with the safety net of job coaching. Job coaching has helped teach me to be an effective employee while providing a safe environment to hone my skills. I recommend PLS to anyone who wants an entry level job with an emphasis on self-reflection and growth.”
Brett V.

“I am very proud to be part of the Premiere Living Services family. I highly recommend that anyone reading this testimonial looking for a good stable employment to seriously consider Premier Living Services as a great career option with lots of growth and potential.”
Jason K.

“I am humbled to be a job coach with Premiere Living Services. I get the opportunity to empower individuals to see their greatness every day. Coming from the military I always enjoyed working with teams and now I get to do that here. I have gained confidence and organizational skills that I can use in my everyday life.”  ​Allen L. (Sr. Job Coach)​

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