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About Us

Founded in 2015, Premiere Living Services grew from a mission to break the status quo of what it is to be human. We provide job coaching to people with intellectual disabilities who may be able to get a job interview but struggle to secure employment on their own. Through our services, we place them in the mainstream workforce and teach them how to excel regardless of their disabilities.

Our team believes the best way to learn is by doing it. That’s why we provide ongoing one-on-one training at the job site to help them grow their skills and overcome challenges that would otherwise hold them back.

We place a heavy emphasis on soft skills, such as punctuality, communication, work ethic, and time management, and help them apply those skills to the job they’re in. Our workers are highly capable of performing in a traditional work environment, if given the opportunity.

It is our goal to become the company that can create confident, respectful, and determined employees that employers want to hire. Together, we can provide a better workforce that benefits the employees, employers, and the people you serve.

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